21st century customisation in fashion – individualism is calling

Having a customised product always brings a pleasant and re awarding feeling. Something that is mass produced and popular being unique for yourself and yourself only is no longer a luxury. Today with easy access to digital printing and therefore online-only purchases, as well as growing E-Commerce any one can transform a mainstream product to the most unique and individual object ever.

Nowadays many brands seem to attempt in individualism, it is a great marketing and branding device that makes the customer feel special and important. Customisation is not only restricted to decorative or fashion items. For example Coca Cola has created the individual bottle with thousands of different names. Of course, no client has called Coca Cola’s customer service and asked for a special “Richard” or “Jessica” bottle, the company just realised that creating bottle labels with different names on it will not only increase sales in shops but also serve as a big push for marketing and publicity.


Thousands of brands use this ‘individualism’ concept to keep their customers and get new ones. Snapchat for example has created a platform where everyone can send their own filters or geo-filters and have them accessible at certain dates or locations. I participated in the creation of my college’s geo-filter which is now active accessible anytime I am near the college.


And where does fashion and beauty customisation stands in all of this?

Luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton has been doing this for a while now, each customer can put their initials or names and the famous LV monogram and add the size or colour they wish to make their special bag/wallet extra special. intials_20painted_20on_20a_20louis_20bag-0lv-cus

Upon my recent visit to the Jo Malone, London store I wandered off to a little room at the back of the shop and saw a woman, her back to me, working on a manual machine with pieces of paper and solid stamps, I approached her and asked her what she was making. She then explained that upon the holiday season the brand creates a special customisation offer on packages, the package of the perfume becomes a gift wrap that no one wants to throw away, and how handy under the Christmas tree? No need to ask “and who’s this one for?”

Taken @Jo Malone, Regent’s Street, LDN

As usual, when a high end brand succeeds at making a trend become a timeless product, high street brands follow. Adidas offer a full and very entertaining online customisation process, considering that in the past year everyone owned at least one pair of Stan Smith, how nice to be able to create your own and unique trainer? You can even put your name on the sole.. Here is my attempt to create one to show the process:

Exciting beginning


Not my best styling moment but still


The technological advances take it even further by recently introducing Digital beauty, Apps that create an instant virtual face recognition and make up. You can visualise what time of eyeshadow compliments your eye colours or what foundation looks better basing on your natural complexion.

After experimenting with the thousands of makeup products available on the app, many of these have a “add to your basket” option that creates a 100% customised experience.

So to conclude, branding, marketing strategies and technology work more tightly than ever together, so what could be the next step of individualism and shopping?


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