CHANEL CATWALK: A timeline of the most iconic fashion shows

For the past few days I’ve been stumbling upon Chanel’s fashion shows in exhibitions, on my Facebook timeline, in articles… Organically I decided to dedicate a blog post to them. In parallel this will serve as an introduction to my future Trend Report that consists of looking at art in fashion. 

This post is a small timeline of a few of Chanel’s most iconic fashion shows, under the direction of Karl Lagerfeld.

AUTUMN/WINTER 10: Golden Lion – Couture 

In the Grand Palais in Paris, a 8 tons bronze lion was the centre around which models walked in Fall Couture. The models were walking out of a giant pearl at the foot of the lion, which was Coco Chanel’s star-sign.



SPRING/SUMMER 12: Space Shuttle – Couture 

Recreating a space shuttle the show had a futuristic and spacial feel to it with mannequins modelling different shades of couture blue.


AUTUM/WINTER 14/15: Supermarket 

Disposable fashion – the evident inspiration for this innovative collection by Lagerfeld. The Grand Palais, Paris was transformed into one giant supermarket with Chanel trolleys and baskets, Chanel water, spaghetti and paint pots.


SPRING/SUMMER 15: Street Protest 

A feminist riot on “Boulevard Chanel” @ the Grand Palais- a fashion show with a cause.


SPRING/SUMMER 16: Chanel Airlines 

Once more reinventing Paris’ Grand Palais completely by making it into a very chic airport with flight attendants, check-ins and security controls.


SPRING 16: The Green House – Couture 

A modern doll’s house recreation in the Grand Palais with ECO-GREEN as its main theme although the collection’s palette was more pastel, black and crisp white than green.


SPRING/SUMMER 17: The Digital Era

Karl Lagerfeld represented the era we’re in right now by making his models walk inside of a giant computer. The tweeds and delicate lingerie clashed with our modern world and our very close and intimate relationship with smartphones and computers.


And finally the Métiers d’Art 2016/2017 Ready-To-Wear Cosmopolites: 

In the just renovated Ritz Hotel in Paris, the splendid and somewhat candid show a few days ago was a beautiful moment for Chanel’s Haute Couture.

Watch the full fashion show on here:


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