Emergence of Digital Art on social media


Some of the many creative and innovative Digital Art Instagram accounts ☝︎

With social media taking over our daily life, followers and the followed expect a wide range of media and visuals coming instantly in their smartphones. As a result, in the last few years lots of artist have replaced the classic showroom or exhibition space to only concentrate on digital submission of their work. In the fashion industry for example, fashion buyers used to go all over the world to view showrooms with designers new collections. As Lydia King, (previously fashion buyer and now head of Trading Digital in Selfridges) explained in a talk last week,  a lot of these showrooms have been replaced by Instagram accounts posting their work, promoting their new brand and ideas. Fashion buyers then contact the designers and arrange meetings.

This post is not fashion focused, it is about the emergence of digital art on social media. The very recurrent hashtags: #digiart #digitalart #graphicdesign etc. serves for people like me and many others as daily inspirations for our personal work or just as entertainment. These artist too work on social media, their followers are their promoters that gets them clients which makes Instagram and other media platform is their primary source of income.


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